Accounting, Payroll & Logistics

You do marketing or sell your services in India?
You are importing products into India and want to sell them across the country? You want to sell in India & ensure your performance is being efficiently managed? Whatever your business, you need efficient administration and reliable reports and our modules are so flexible that they can be customized no matter what kind of operations your India business needs.Not only that, we can ensure complete integration; book-keeping, payroll, preparation of financial statements, filing of tax returns and regulatory compliance services with order processing ; supply chain and also ensure your Management Functions so you have all the information to Control ; Lead your business in India – wherever you are in the world.

Business Incubator

The Business Incubator is a low-risk, cost-effective and simple way to recruit and guide a dedicated sales team for your sales activities in India. The sales team is employed with BTN and works 100% on the development of your business in India.

India has great investment potential for foreign companies if you manage the highly complex business environment professionally. BTN has experience in running business diagnostics and implement improvement and expansion strategies in various industries in India. You create brand awareness and already make your products in India available; without the inconvenience of incorporating an Indian subsidiary or any other bureaucratic nuisances. We are happy to recommend working with BTN in India – with the experts’ advice you will need. Our sales, market presence and profitability in India shows constant growth. A great way to start and gather experience and after your brand becomes successful in India it will be the right time to incorporate your Wholly Owned Subsidiary. Their expertise, together with their excellent infrastructure on the ground, has given our own business in India a solid footing right from the start. Our Business Incubator is ideal for companies who want to dip their toe into the market for business development, brand building and building up market shares without having incorporated an Indian subsidiary.

After Sales

But how do you ensure excellent After Sales Care for your customers in a country the size of India? For most companies, the cost of maintaining a qualified team of engineers and all the possible spare parts your customers may need is a real problem in India – where it is hard reach every corner of such a big country. Customer service expectations are growing for all market segments in India and international companies need to build after care support into their branding and business development.

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